Saturday, April 17, 2010

it should be saturday every day

It's been such a nice day. I got up early and went out to the garden to start cleaning up. Regis did a good job a year ago and I put a lot of mulch down last summer so it was easy today. I didn't rake out all the leaves, thinking they can compost and help the soil. I picked up three huge bags of sticks and dead stuff and pulled a few of the early weeds.

Regis took this picture of me working since I so seldom do. Haha. What a comedian.

There are a dozen tulip bulbs and one lone flower.

The bottom picture is a fern leaf peony that I've had for years. It came from Mom's garden. It didn't bloom for a long time and I've moved it three times trying to find a place it liked better. Three years ago, we had one flower, then last year we had three. This year there are six buds so if the rabbits don't get it, we'll have gorgeous peonies in a few weeks.

We picked Ella up and went to hear Lehto and Wright in Mankato. It was interesting (and ironic) hearing them sing Handsome Johnny in the Morson Ario with the big wall mural of the flag raising at Iwo Jima behind them. It's a powerful song and always gives me goosebumps.

We went to Papageorge for dinner. Regis had Greek shrimp and I had sea scallops. Like where else would they come from? The food there is delicious. Ella had chicken strips and signed her menu. She said it was her contract and she had to take it home.

I had to publish this post and close Firefox to discover why a commercial for Walmart sheets kept playing some very annoying music. It was a damn pop-up window from hell.

Regis showed me an iPod today that you can wear on your arm and if you have the right Nike shoes, they will transmit mileage information to your iPod. It also has a video camera, an FM radio, and a 16 GB hard drive that will hold 4,000 songs. If they could only figure out how to integrate my laptop, my kindle, my cell phone, and my iPod. That is a gadget I would buy.

We're watching To Catch a Thief, the Alfred Hitchcock movie with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. I know Cary Grant was considered hot in his day but he looks sort of long in the tooth for the young women with whom he is paired. He looks like an aging pervert. Hahahaaha. I don't really get it because I'm not paying attention. I don't multi-task very well when it comes to movies.

Here's another little weird piece of technology. Rachel, my trainer at the Pulse, is running in the Boston Marathon. I don't really know why, but it makes me emotional to talk about it with her. I got weepy when I said good-bye and wished her luck on Friday. I was able to send a text to someone (???) and was registered for updates on her progress to be sent to my cell phone.

The fastest woman in the Boston Marathon will finish in about 2 hours and 20 minutes. I cannot imagine it. It would take me three days and two motels. Seriously. Running 13 miles an hour? One time I ran three miles. Most days I can run 11 mph for a minute or two. It's beyond my comprehension. This year there will be 26,000 runners and a record 11,316 women runners!

Well, that's enough for today.

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Amanda said...

we went to watch the marathon every year when we lived in boston. want to talk about weepy, you should check out team hoyt (, a father-son team. they always got the biggest cheers of the event.