Sunday, April 04, 2010

another holiday

I got up early this morning to get my bread in the oven. It suffered a little from the cool temperature in the house overnight but it came back to life and it's just beautiful. I love making that bread. It's called Italian country bread and it takes a couple days to make it because you start with a sponge, then let it rise overnight. It makes a gorgeous loaf. I'll post a picture later.

I'm drinking coffee out of Aunt Vi's little tea cup this morning. It has lilies of the valley on it so I thought it was appropriate for Easter.

I made a trifle with four kinds of fresh berries. It's probably a little bit of a risk because I used a nice creamy yogurt instead of that chemical laden pudding which is always popular. It also isn't chocolate. We'll see how it goes over. I tried to whip some cream to put on top but the dang stuff just wouldn't stiffen up. Wonder what's up with that. It's really pretty, too.

More later...more pictures...more stories...more more more.

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