Thursday, March 18, 2010

the weather is going to suck tomorrow

It was 62 degrees today. Lovely warm sun. Everyone and I mean everyone, was outside walking their dogs and stretching their winter legs. Laying on flat rocks. Soaking up the rays. I saw people in shorts and flip flops.

Tomorrow, the forecast is 32 degrees for a high. What the hell. That's cruel irony.

It was Tiffany's 25th birthday today. I can't believe she can be 25 but I guess it's true. We met her and Elliot at Mazatlan for dinner tonight. Elliot was transfixed (is that a word?) by the lights and bright colors and particularly by the guitar player who came to our table more than once. When the server discovered it was Tiff's birthday, a bunch of them came over, guitar player included, and sang a couple songs. She was mortified but I got tears in my eyes. What better way to celebrate? Happy birthday to my baby.

We're watching carefully, the health care debate, and plan to have a bottle of champagne on ice for the vote on Sunday. This, if done right, has the power to change our lives.

My mental health has been less than optimal lately, mostly due to the weather and the time of year. I made a list and a plan today and will implement tomorrow. Nothing I like better than a plan and a list.

Tomorrow is Friday. Back to sweaters and leggings. Ugh.

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