Saturday, March 13, 2010

update on saturday morning

I stuck my head outside into the cold and damp and decided to hell with that. I went to the Pulse where I walked and ran for three miles then pumped some iron for a half hour. Satisfactory workout.

Had to get out the carpet cleaner for a pet mess. Good grief.

Had more coffee and a piece of toast. Into a warm bath to relax with more coffee. I like to make my saturday phone calls from the pool.

Niece Amanda's birthday today and her family might meet up in Mankato giving us a chance to see them. Haven't heard the final plans but we suggested Dino's or Mazatlan. I think we'll make this a relaxing day and tomorrow the day to get organized.

A good day for a nap.

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Jill said...

Hi Teresa,
We went to Owatonna for the day to see Miles, Owen, Ethan, and their families. My dad drove over, too, and had a great time being entertained by the little guys. I yawned the entire drive over and back. A nap somewhere in the day would have felt great. Tomorrow is my day to organize, too. I'm trying to decide how to get out of it. Any suggestions?