Sunday, March 28, 2010

sunday night in march

We had a hoot of a time tonight. I told Tiffany I would watch Elliot so she could go see her friend Teresa. I picked up Ella about 1:30 and we headed to Eagle Lake. Conversation with a four-year old is so surreal. She's riding happily along with me and then asks, "Nana, where are we going?" So trusting.

We picked up Elliot and rode back to St. Peter without incident. Let the games begin. If you want to know why young people are genetically programmed to have babies, spend an afternoon with a couple of them. The babies not the young people. Regis says it's either why young people have babies or why old people drink. We had a wonderful time but it seems like a whirlwind.

Nobody misbehaved. They were all (three of them) engaging and interesting and funny and sweet. But man, they are a busy bunch. If you look at the pictures, Ella's hair is flying in every one. The boys are letting loose with these amazing shouts of joy. Then they all just crash.

Our house is tiny and it would help if they could take more than three steps before a U-turn. We'll have a bunch here next Sunday for Easter. I started cleaning out the porch today (lots of stuff collects there over the winter) and we hope to have the patio open. An extra room and some outside space really helps. If anybody else has a baby before these three grow up some, we'll have to have family dinners at the Holiday Inn.

I'm going to pack up the baby bed, put my clean clothes away, and settle in with a book. I have an appointment to work out with Rachel in the morning at 5 a.m. After my week with strep throat and no exercise, I better put 911 on speed dial.

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