Saturday, March 13, 2010

saturday morning

I'm going to write a fast post here while I make my decision about what to do at 7 a.m. I didn't sleep worth a darn, I woke up way too early, and I'm a little grumpy. I can't decide if I should exercise inside this morning or if I should take my iPod and go for a long walk in the rain and muck. I'm leaning toward the outside. I'm not in the mood for a room full of people in a bright room. Yup, that's it. I'll just hit the pavement this morning.

Yesterday, on my way home from work, the sun was actually spotted through the clouds. I saw an actual shadow. I am pretty sure I detected a sliver of blue sky. It was fleeting, as Joanne says, and we were lucky to be outside when it occurred but it was appreciated. Be optimistic, people! The sun is still up there and it will return!

I've had two cups of coffee this morning and ordered some books on Amazon. They make that way too easy. I've gotten interested in Michael Pollan's books. He's been on Oprah lately and while I don't watch Oprah (too much yelling and jumping around), I do pay attention to the news about Oprah. I read his book Food Rules and I think I've written about it here before. One of his rules: If it won't ever rot, don't eat it. Interesting concept, eh?

It's a busy week. St. Patrick's Day Wednesday. Tiffany's birthday Thursday. Vernal equinox on Saturday. Make plans to celebrate one or all of those things. I don't get it when people say they aren't into birthdays. We look for reasons to celebrate so your birthday, my birthday, doesn't matter. Make a cake, pour a glass of wine, wrap up a present.

We went up to Tom and Betty's last night, opened the bar, and had a good time. Betty and I were dancing with Elvis and Gonzo. Good story there, believe me. They seemed to prefer the Jamaican music to the Irish. We're all anxious for patio and pool weather. Ella, Betty says hi... and how's Pitty Pat the Kitty Cat?

Better get my rain gear on so I can go for a walk.

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