Sunday, March 07, 2010

oh weekend...don't go

We've had a wonderful weekend. I won't do the play-by-play but it's been relaxing and fun. Tonight, I made focaccia bread for dinner and we had Irish cheddar cheese, red and yellow peppers, olives, and shrimp on a nice platter while we watched the Academy Awards. I'd like to stay up until the best actor award is given and I had a nap this morning so it might be possible. Then again, maybe not.

Focaccia bread is very easy to make and very good.

Regis is checking out the weather forecast, and they predict a big thaw this week. Today, even though it didn't look so nice outside, was almost balmy. It smells different when spring weather comes. We continue to look for signs of spring and this week, besides the smell of spring, we've noticed curbs which we haven't seen since November, the sound of birds in the morning, puddles on the streets, and bare legs. A guy has to be optimistic.

I started a project a few weeks ago that involved making sense of all my recipes but I think I'm going to abandon it, or at least I'm going to change it. My idea was to put them all in electronic format, on google docs. I could access them from anywhere and I wouldn't have to dig through piles of paper recipes or binders to find the one I want. But, I've discovered, much like pages of a book on the kindle, there is no context for a recipe in google docs. I don't have the picture, there are no stains on the page, and it doesn't have any recipe friends. Usually, in the binder, recipes are with others from the same meal or the same season or there are some clues about when I made it. I don't like this recipes in isolation thing.

I've noticed that nobody says good-bye in email conversations. At least, most of the time, it's true. I have some friends who write more formal emails and use a greeting and a closing but some friends, who tend to write a line or two every few days...we start a conversation and then one or the other of us just drops it. All those email conversations just floating around there in cyberspace. Unfinished. Very sad.

Well, it's ten o'clock and this show isn't over yet. I'm done. On to Monday.

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Jill said...

Dear Teresa,
I am trying to be more civil in my correspondence, since you pointed out the blatant informality of emails (and presumably other tech exchanges).