Friday, March 26, 2010

friday on the couch

I'm just sitting at home letting the antibiotics do their job. Imagining the little streptococcus microbes getting slam dunked by the amoxicillin street fighters. I feel so much better this I came out of a cave after four days. A bit worrisome as I drove to Mankato twice and attended a conference for two days of the four. Today I feel like I might stand a chance of being vertical most of the day.

Stupid blogger wants to write in italics today and I'm tired of trying to correct it. If italics appear, they don't mean anything.

I have some vague notions of what went on in the world in the past few days. Something with the pope. Something with the health care bill. Tea party rallies. Are those people insane? Has the whole world gone crazy? Deb said she heard a table of people in a restaurant say that Obama was only elected because college kids thought it would be funny to elect a black person as president. How ignorant do you have to be to believe that malarky? Too much Fox News, I'd say. That shit will cause brain cancer.

You realize that a lot of stuff I write here is not because I think it's particularly blog worthy but because I like to write and this is a good venue. I could post on Facebook ten times a day but then I'd get labeled as a nutcase.

Most people who are on Facebook don't post at all which is sort of like being an electronic voyeur. I guess they like those games like mafia wars and farmville which I hide. I can't stand those big pictures of cows, for one thing. So, I just hide every game that comes along. I also ignore all the heart requests and requests for support of this or that. I am a fan of Patrick's because I like to know every week, what they have on tap. A guy has to have priorities.

I have also hidden a few people on Facebook. It sort of goes along with my aversion to the news. People who only write maudlin, cryptic messages about their despair are blocked. They should find a good  therapist  and not look for salvation or redemption on the internet. I realize that people may not like my weird rants either and I think they should hide my posts if that's true. It might be the internet but it comes to your house and to your  personal computer so you shouldn't have to read anything you don't want to read.

This is a sign that people used to post outside their homes during the Depression. It signified that a kind-hearted woman lived there and a hobo could probably get a meal. My mom should have a sign like this outside her door. Bless her heart. She is so good about inviting people to share her home, no matter what their circumstances. Peter lived with her while he went to school and I know of at least five other people she's invited to live with her for at least short periods of time. I admire that about her. If all those people show up at the same time, there could be a problem, but I don't think it would bother her much. My mom is a kind-hearted woman.

I have two goals for the weekend: take the Christmas tree down and clean out the back porch. I want Regis to have this as a goal for the weekend: get the patio furniture out. But I don't get to prescribe his goals, unfortunately. Ha! We're having the crew for Easter dinner and it would be nice to spread out a little if the weather is nice. The porch is a sure thing; the patio is very tentative. April 4th; hell, we could have snow. Notice the plague of semi-colons in this paragraph? I'm never sure I use them correctly, but what the hey. Most of you reading this aren't sure either!

My neighbor is all done raking his yard. That's because he rakes around the snow drifts and as they shrink, he rakes the edges. This is no joke. I think the snow has to be completely gone before you rake. You rake in a t-shirt, not a snorkel parka. We aren't yard fanatics. We like the grass long because it produces more oxygen. We don't fertilize because then you have to mow more often. We don't water for the same reason. Why water your grass so you have to spend more time cutting it? Doesn't make sense.

I'm worried about what's going to happen when I run out of space on blogspot. About a year ago, I read about transferring this whole mess to my own domain but I can't really get a mental grip on what that means. Do my widgets go, too? Hahaha. Isn't that funny? Yesterday, I opened a wiki account, then realized I had no idea what to do with a wiki and didn't feel like going through the tutorials to learn what it would do so I closed it. My wiki experience was a lot like my experience with twitter. I don't do wiki and I don't tweet.

Moving on. Happy Friday!

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mom said...

Thank you dear daughter; I would invite you and Regis into my home if you ever have a streak of hard luck.
Let us hope you don't. I see Regis and Peter with very good jobs once they graduate in May. I am tired today. I did not sleep well last night and I may either have a sleeping pill or a glass of wine. I hate wind and it is blowing 40 miles an hour today. Love you, Mom
p.s. Kathy Jesme's Mom was flown to Sioux Falls after a neighbor found her passed out in her home. Not good.