Tuesday, March 09, 2010

even the bunnies are sick of the weather

I went to the drug store after work which is a story in itself but when I came home, I walked right past this bunny in the front yard. He's hunkered down by silver garbage can we keep in the front yard for bird seed. He looks disgusted, right? I threw a couple carrots out for him but I think I scared him off rather than providing him a meal. He hasn't been back.

We're in the midst of a hard rain. A hard rain's gonna fall, Dylan fans.

Regis made Guinness stew for dinner. It made the whole house smell good. He said there was vegetable identification going on which means that he could tell the parsnips (he finds them loathsome) from the potatoes. We have a glass of wine now and we're going to watch The Big Lebowski in honor of Jeff Bridges and because we need a laugh here in the land of endless gloom. It's all gutter balls and strikes, dude.

Regis is a really good cook, a skill he hid from me for a few years. It's nice to eat the cooking of someone else.

Back to Stephen Colbert. Presidential puberty. Hahahahaaha

So, I guess it's about what we do to get through the March madness. We cook. We have wine. We watch funny movies. We have parties. We pick fleas off the dog.

Regis thinks the animals in captivity are rising up. As evidence he offers: the bear that bit three fingers off the woman in Wisconsin, the whale who did in the trainer at Sea World, and the otter that mauled the face of the 95 year old man. I could have some of the details wrong as I loathe bad news and do my best to avoid it. He says these stories are true.

John Stewart of the Daily Show, the only source on television for legitimate news, has a story on about bombs. I'm not a fan of bombs or news about bombs.

If you haven't been reading the comments on previous posts, you should. They are a hoot. I think some are from my mom and some are from Jill. Probably some from Deb. They're pretty funny.

Happy birthday to my Aunt Vi today. I tried to post a comment on Deb's blog but it wouldn't work from school. We have a chintzy bandwidth. A can and a string between schools, you know, with budget reductions. If I had a few glasses of wine, a microphone, and a podium, I would be dangerous.

Hang on. The sky will clear. The snow will melt. There will be green grass and daffodils and tulips. We'll be able to go outside without mittens and parkas. Be optimistic.

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