Sunday, February 14, 2010

valentine's day


This is our Valentine tree. It has red chili peppers and paper hearts on it. I love it.

It's been a very nice weekend. Tiffany and Elliot came over yesterday and spent the day. Elliot toddles all over the house, laughs at his mama's antics, and likes to play with his toys. We had dinner at Whiskey River before they left. Good day for laughing.

I had taken two naps during the day so Regis and I could attend the New Primitives show at Patrick's last night. It was great fun but we got jostled around quite a bit by the youthful crowd. I think in all the years we've been married, we've been out past midnight twice. Last night was one of the nights so today we're dragging a little. Good day for music.

We went over to see Alex and Ella today. Ella told us she was very sorry but Valentine's Day was over last week. She's such a hoot. We played a couple games of Hungry Hungry Hippo and saw the new room they're putting in the attic. Good day for little kids.

Regis made a gorgeous prime rib roast for dinner. We had a shrimp cocktail appetizer and sauteed sweet potato with it. I made a mocha cake with berries for dessert. Good cooking day.

It was snowing earlier. I haven't bothered to look outside since it got dark. I bet Mom is irritated...she's tired of winter like everyone. I saw somewhere (I don't watch the tv did this come as a news flash from space?) that travel in that neck of the woods is not recommended again. They've been house-bound all winter out there.
We watched short track speed skating at the bar last night before the band cranked up and tonight we're watching pairs figure skating. They make that stuff look so easy. I have probably written before about my idea that I should be skating alongside Apollo Ohno to demonstrate just how difficult it is to stay vertical on speed skates. That would give the viewers the clear idea, let me tell you.

Regis is busy working on a web development project and I'm heading to bed to read.

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mom said...

I am more than irritated. I am damn mad. I can hardly get my front door open because the snow has piled up. I got stuck in my driveway and had to get a shovel to dig myself out.
tomorrow is more of the same; snow and wind. Then I feel guilty and think of those poor people who don't have a warm house and a pantry full of food.
I am blessed.....