Saturday, February 06, 2010

saturday: community college and crab cakes

Regis made the President's List at South Central for fall semester. Here he is contemplating one of the more difficult spreadsheet assignments. He worked very hard and he deserves the honor.

I've had a very nice Saturday. (I'm having a bear of a time typing this, though, because the dog has his head laying on my arm.) I got up at 7:00 which is like way over-sleeping for me. What happened to the 4:00 wake-up call?

I sat around and drank coffee for a while, thinking I would skip the workout this morning. But then I felt drawn to go, so I went. It was a satisfying session, which they all are not. Hard to say why.

I planned to pick Ella up and go to Target, but she wasn't feeling well so I went by myself. I poked around for a long time, looking at Valentines, St. Patrick's day t-shirts, baby pajamas, and kitchen stuff. I bought Ella a pair of Valentine's Day leggings and a t-shirt with sparkly hearts. I wanted to get something equally flashy for the little boys but holy crap. They must not expect people to clothes 12 month old boys. There was a dearth of 12 and 18 month old anything at Target.

I bought myself a pair of black leggings with silver peace signs on them. Regis rolled his eyes but I think they'll be good hippie clothes for the Superbowl party. I looked at some sparkly Converse shoes but the sizes were weird and they were still twenty bucks so I passed. I like sparkly stuff.

When I got home, I took a champion nap. I don't take naps very often but once in a while I do just because I can.

I made a steak for Regis on the George Foreman grill for dinner and some crab cakes for me. I bought them from a nice young man who comes around in a little truck full of frozen food. Not the big conglomerate frozen food guy in the yellow truck. These were a little disappointing as the first ingredient was imitation crab. Ugh. Not highly recommended. The shrimp look great.

I'm disappointed that there isn't a Winter Fest parade this year. I did make a lame attempt to organize a spontaneous parade, knowing that organizing a spontaneous parade is oxymoronic. Hey, that's pretty funny. Wasn't that an art form a couple years ago? People would text their friends and show up at some location at a certain time and that was the performance. I have to think about this some more.

Saturday the 13th, we're planning to be at Patrick's for the New Primitives. They're our new favorite Minnesota band. Here's what google says: New Primitives explores popular music through high-energy Rhythm & Blues, Ska, Reggae, Calypso, and World dance music. It's a happening and we'll be there. We have to plan well for a 9 p.m. performance meaning that a nap is essential as that is an hour past our usual bedtime.

I still have my Christmas tree up in the living room. I hung a pitiful string of Valentine lights on it to bring it into the season and I'm going to move it into the other room for the football game tomorrow. But...I like the lights so what the hell. Until the sun shines, it gets to stay upstairs. I found a couple strings of chili pepper lights that I'm going to add in the spirit of Valentine's Day. Hey, I think I have some Guinness beer bottle lights I could hang on it so it gets another month. I think by Easter, it's going to have to go.

Regis is predicting some measurable snowfall for the next few days. He gets his information from Paul Douglas. Check it out.

MGM was a busy place tonight. I went to pick up some beer for the football game. Regis requested Leinie's but I got nostalgic when I passed the Summit display so I bought some of that, too.


 So, there you go. Happy Saturday.

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