Saturday, January 09, 2010

lazy day

I slept late this morning...well, 7 o'clock...then went to the Pulse for my workout. It was crisply cold. Crunchy cold. I came home and made a quiche, then got in the tub with a cup of coffee. Good way to warm up fast.

I took a nap this afternoon. Read a catalog for a while then took a nap. Great way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

About 3, we went to Tom and Betty's. They went to St. Louis Park to fetch Michelle this morning so we stopped by to see her, gab a little, and order up a pizza. Nice way to spend an evening. (the new domino's pizza is marginally better than the old domino's pizza)

I might do some cooking tomorrow. We have a busy week (I'm storing up energy for the week, you see) so maybe I can brew up some soup or chili or something. Monday night I have conferences and Tuesday night we have to teach safe driving for old people. We're going to retire from that gig. It's a drag. Wednesday I get a haircut and Thursday is burger night at the Legion. Oh man...way more stimulation than I like in a week.

We've gotten the Rolling Stone magazine for years and have enjoyed it even with the transition from the Rolling Stones to Lady Gaga on the cover. The current issue came today and seriously it's about 50 pages long. They went to a smaller format about a year ago and we swore we wouldn't renew. Now this. Hardly worth going to the mailbox for it. You take out the stuff about people we've never heard of and there isn't much left.

Betty had a robotic cat she bought somewhere. The thing was a little creepy...when you pet it, it rolls over, wipes a paw across its face, or purrs. Kind of fascinating in a creepy sort of way.

Time to go to bed. Dark. Cold. Ugh.

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