Sunday, January 24, 2010

january 24

Three nights this week, mediacom, our illustrious internet provider did not provide internet service. They claim they had major outages over the entire midwest and they used the lame ass excuse of ice. They probably sent the switchboard guy home for a few days because he didn't wear his pocket protector.

If you live here, you know the weather has been wretched. Last week, we had our January thaw which was welcomed. Temperatures in the 20s, warm sunshine, and balmy breezes instead of the weather that can kill you if you fall down taking out the trash. This week, the temperatures have been in the 30s which makes for slop. Slop on the streets, slop falling out of the sky, slop everywhere. The sky has been gray. The precipitation doesn't know what it's supposed to be, rain or ice or anything in between. You're half scared to leave the house because if it gets one degree colder, you'll have to skate home. Ah, well. I wasn't going to complain in 2010 and I'm not. I'm just making an observation.

Regis is letting borrow his kindle for a few days. He downloaded a book for me and I'm going to try it. I don't know why I'm suddenly intrigued by the idea as I haven't been since it came out. Maybe because it's been hard for me to read the last six months or so. I used to be a power reader...I had one book in the living room and another book in the bedroom and I logged a lot of hours reading. Now, I read two pages and fall asleep. I've been blaming it on the books but maybe I need to try another format.

Maybe my increase in activity level in the last year has rerouted the circuits from my brain to my legs. I bet that isn't a very sound scientific theory, but it could explain this. I can read on the Stairmaster because I'm closer to the book rack and I don't move around so much. I can't read when I'm walking or running. I tried listening to books but I get distracted and have to keep rewinding.

I bought the CD Crazy Heart this week. I haven't seen the movie but I'm anxious to see it. Roger Ebert says it's great and he's my favorite movie critic. The CD is of my top three movie CDs: The Departed (hated the movie), Wonder Boys (loved the movie) and now Crazy Heart.

My plan for the day: sort through a small pile of paper, do the dishes, make something for dinner, go to yoga, relax. Happy Sunday.

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