Saturday, January 02, 2010

Elliot spends the night at nana's house

Elliot came yesterday and spent the night at our house. It isn't an easy accomplishment because we have a non-child friendly pet who needs to be shuffled back and forth from outside to locked bedroom like a common criminal. This means Elliot sleeps in a porta crib in the living room and I sleep on the couch. He wasn't so happy with the arrangement this time and woke many times during the night to be comforted. A little rocking and he went back to sleep. I feel like I was pulled through a knot-hole butt first, though.

He's a character and I enjoy his company. He's decided that he only wants to feed more spoons and such. He's very clever in figuring out ways to get the food off the tray. Slippery little pieces of peach get scooped over to the edge and slid up where he can grab them. Today for lunch he had peaches, carrots, peas, and bananas. He loved the tiny pieces of toast with jelly which makes him a baby after my own heart. Always choose the bread product first, I say.

As much fun as we had, Elliot was very happy to see his mama's face at the door. And I had to have a nap the minute he left.
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Jill said...

Elliot is a boy who knows what he wants. How fun to see his little fingers picking up tiny food!