Wednesday, January 06, 2010

damn good chili

Regis made some delicious chili for dinner last night. I've been using the same chili recipe (in my head) for years and years. He read about chili in a magazine and tried a couple new tricks. I must say it was very good. I'll ask him if we can publish the recipe with his adaptations. His intellectual property, you know.

I wore a skirt and my cowboy boots to school yesterday and I'm paying the price today for baring my legs. I know there is no basis for this belief in real science but I think the gods of winter are putting the smack down on me. My cold came back with a vengeance and I feel like curling up under an electric blanket. Today, I go back to the base layer, ugly wool, and boots and who cares what you look like. The fashion police have moved to a warmer climate.

It's below zero right now and the forecast is calling for six inches of blowing snow and wind chills in the 30 below range. What the. This defies the common knowledge. What happened to it's too cold to snow? We're getting beat with both ends of the winter stick.

I'm not complaining...just making observations.

Work has been fine since I decided to change my attitude. Hey, a meeting is a chance to get out and see people and maybe scam a donut. Good way to look at it.

I went to visit a daycare with Tiffany and Elliot yesterday. Every time I think my job is hard, I'm going to visit a daycare. OMG. Let's talk about your basic over-stimulation. This was a lovely place and the woman was calm and managing things very well...but there were little bitty kids everywhere, like ants. People who do that work are saints and they should get paid a whole bunch more money they probably do get paid.

Here's what I like about Facebook. One day, in a conversation after a comment...there was a cousin on my dad's side who lives in Florida, a cousin on my mom's side who lives in Arizona, a nephew from Fargo, a brother from Fargo, and a friend in Ohio. I love that. Not deep and important conversation, but human connections between people separated by lots of distance.

Going to take a warm bath to guard against the cold demons today. Stay warm. Dress in layers. I'll keep you posted on the weather.

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mom said...

Forgot to ask who the cousin is on Dad's side and who is the cousin in Arizona on my side? Betty just called and told me to come for soup. Gary is blowing out my driveway. Wonderful neighbors. Mom