Sunday, January 17, 2010

are you old when you have a kid who's 32?

We took Young Regis out for a birthday burger and a beer tonight as it's his 32nd birthday. That means he's moving in on 40 and you know what that means...we'll be The Old People for real. We gave him a yellow fedora and a Bible that has a place cut out for a flask. Tacky, we know but what the hell. We thought he'd laugh and he did.

While we were at Patrick's, Brian told us about a field trip to something called Beer Dabblers at the Winter Carnival. It includes a bus ride and four hours at the beer tasting which we have decided might be too much for us. It sounds like a lot of fun, but like it might just kill us flat out.

We're watching the Golden Globes. Aside from not knowing many of these people, it's tiresome to hear about all the great, funny, awesome, creative geniuses in Hollywood. Oh my tired ass. Isn't there anyone there who is marginally amusing, lazy, and homely? Also, really do we need to see all their belly buttons and butt cracks?

Tiffany and I went to Canby to visit Mom this weekend. The roads were good all the way there until we got to Marshall. After that, the wind had drifted about 5 inches of snow in spots about every half mile. They were slushy, very slippery, and treacherous. I finally started pulling over and waiting until cars coming from the other direction had gone past. The road home was better. Elliot was a great little traveler, taking long naps both going out there and coming home. We had a good visit with Mom, a few glasses of wine, and a lot of laughs.

Regis didn't take the road trip with us. He started his second semester at SCC and was nervous about getting his work done. He had a quiz due yesterday and an assignment due today.

Busy week coming up so let's hang it up for the night.

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Jill said...

Your assessment of the Golden Globes is so on the money, Teresa. You didn't mention boobs, though.If it weren't for the miracle of two-sided tape, the show would have been shut down for wardrobe malfunctions.

I thought St. Peter had a vacation day for the ML King holiday, but when I drove past North on my way to work I saw the full parking lot. Sorry-- I was hoping you'd have a day off!