Monday, January 25, 2010

ah monday after a football spanking

Don't worry about reading the play by play here. I was only in the same room as the football game. Everyone who expressed enthusiasm and optimism got this message: Knock wood and get used to disappointment, my friend. I went to bed at half time and was better off for it.

It's wretched out there tonight. We had a work day today so there were no kids at school and half of the teachers left early. It's hard to work up any enthusiasm for anything sitting in a cold and quiet building when the snow is swirling outside. You'd think it would be a good environment for mental activity but not so.

I went to work out this morning and it was cold but not so windy. When I came out 90 minutes later, the wind nearly took me across the street. The snow came sideways. Someone told me they saw a pheasant trying to cross the highway and it couldn't fly and it couldn't walk so it sort of sat there and got pushed across the road. Poor thing. Heck, I was at the Pulse and a cat followed someone in. Can't blame the cat.

So, I'm trying out the Kindle. I like it so far but I miss the things about a book that it doesn't have....a cover, an illustration, a smell. And you don't have a visual indication of how far you are in the book. I know there is a little thing on the bottom that tells me I'm 16% finished. Hmmm.

I wish someone would make me some popcorn. I suppose I could get my lazy butt up and do it myself but I don't feel like it.

I made a note on Facebook today about some strange dreams. One was mine from last night. I dreamed that Jane had a baby and at a party, I gave it to someone. The next day, I waited for someone to ask what happened to the baby but nobody did. I couldn't remember who I gave it to and even when the police came, they didn't ask. It was terrifying so at least I had the good conscience to feel bad about giving a baby to a stranger.

The other dream was Betty's and is from a long time ago. It's so surreal that it made an impression on me and I've remembered it. Betty gave birth to an alien baby with a light bulb head and long arms with three skinny fingers. She wrapped it in a dish towel and kept it on top of the television. One interesting thing...this dream was from a time when televisions had tops. Eventually the alien dragged itself to an outlet and plugged itself in.

My only other memorable dream was about the house where I grew up. Pygmies were coming down the hill using Sunbeam mixers as weapons. When they pushed the eject button, the beaters flew through the air and toward the house.

Regis and Betty have rich dream lives. I usually have scary amorphous dreams. No characters, no plots.

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