Monday, December 28, 2009

monday the best kind

I went to the Pulse this morning for the strength class. I decided that I was going to attend some classes just for a change of pace since it's been a year today that I started exercising. (Remember our first day of swimming, Betty? We thought we'd die it was so cold.) I did the strength class and a short bout on the treadmill then came home to take a nap. I love naps in the winter. Regis and I went to the grocery store and MenRnerds. I'm sitting on the couch and that folks, has been the extent of the day.

We're taking our friend Joanne out for dinner to Dino's. I love the atmosphere there. They play that nice Frank Sinatra music and the lights are low and the food is great.

My resolution for the new year is to try and do better. That's it. One way to do better is to try and complain less. I read this poem and it made me think of it. Here it is. In case you want to complain less, too.

At the University College of North Wales at Bangor  

by Gerald Locklin

Most of my students here are very poor.

I seldom see them in the pubs: they
Cannot really afford the prices.

As winter hits they have to decide whether
To spend their shillings on the coin-operated heaters
Or on food.

I suspect that heat often wins—you can
Freeze to death quicker than you will starve.

Their incentive is that they will presumably
Have more comfortable lives if they survive
The minimalist conditions of college.

The government gives them a small grant
From which to buy books.
We are encouraged to require
Very few books.

A book is a valued art object here.

I never hear a complaint here
And no one misses a tutorial
Without the most profuse and formal
Of apologies.

In California my students and I and everyone else,
Also including the movie stars and politicians and

Seldom stop for breath
In the midst of a constant bitching.

Me again. It's worth a try, eh? Although I worry that my main coping mechanism, humor, will lose some effect if I have to be all sunshine and roses.

Boy, it's tempting to buy crap this time of year. On our travels through Menards, we noticed a ton of discounted stuff. Of course, it wasn't anything we really wanted when it was regular price so we didn't buy any of it at 50% off. But it's tempting. I got a catalog in the mail with great stuff at reduced prices. It's better if you just don't look.

There you go. Monday.

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