Thursday, December 24, 2009

a long time before dawn

I'm awake at 3:30 as I have been for the past couple weeks. I hear the snow plows going down the streets. It looks like a wonderland outside with fat layers of snow over everything. I can't tell how much it snowed in the night but they say that is only the first wave anyway.

I wish our boys didn't have to go out in the bad weather this morning. They should be done by 1:00 and maybe it won't snow anymore until after that. Amber and Emily and the little ones are in St. Peter. If they're leaving town, I don't want to know. I'll worry.

Cybil and Shawn should be arriving in Canby right about now, from Ohio. They're young and much more stout of heart than I am. It will be nice for Mom to have little kids in the house on Christmas Eve so I'm glad they are.

Peter has to work until 4:00 today. Who is eating Subway on Christmas Eve? Invite them over here!

Tiffany and Elliot are safe and snug in Pine Island. We'll miss them but I'm glad they aren't traveling.

Jill's daughter and son-in-law made it last night from North Carolina. Evan's luggage did not so we're trying to put together a Christmas outfit for him from donations. I said Peter had some low-hanging pants he could wear. Evan's a doctor so it might not be the professional look he's going for. Ha ha.

Joanne's son and daughter-in-law and baby are heading to the airport, intending to fly to Florida in the morning.

Everyone should be arriving by mid-afternoon. I woke up thinking about which dish to put the truffles on and such important details as that. Also wondering who is canceling travel plans, who made it safely home, who will be joining us instead of whatever they thought they would be doing.

I'm heading into the kitchen to putter with my dishes and food. I'll need a nap later, for sure, but I can work for a while. I still have some cooking things to accomplish and plenty of organizing to do.

Pictures and stories to follow!


mom said...

It is 4:30 a.m. and I am wide awake also. Bruce called and Shawn and Cybil are spending the night in Madison, Wis. He called about 10:00 last night, so I should have gotten a good night's sleep. I had beef roast in the crock pot ready to shred into sandwiches. I made buns yesterday, so would have been a good snack when the kids got here. I think I might start my movie marathon this morning.

Jill said...

I am reading this a week after you wrote it. Thinking about where people are and wishing them safe and warm is one of those nice things you already do, Teresa. Why do you need to make a resolution? :0)