Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve with good food, good friends, little kids who believe in Santa, and family. It snowed off and on all day which made for a beautiful backdrop for the events. We had some guests who came because they had to cancel travel plans...and we're glad they were safe and sound in St. Peter instead of on the roads. We missed Tiffany and Elliot on his first Christmas.

Our neighbor Julie and her daughter Ivy joined us later in the evening. They had headed out for Fargo the night before with their big dog Waldo in the back seat of the convertible. Somewhere near Delavan, they spun out, went in the ditch, and nearly rolled the car. We were glad to have them at our table.

Ella is at the perfect age for Santa belief. She knows all the details about him and is so sweet and innocent, she doesn't question a thing. She told me how he gets into their house (without a fireplace) and what he does prior to Christmas and how Mrs. Claus and the elves help. She wondered if Santa would come to our house with her toys if she took a nap here. Oh, it makes my heart ache.

Thankfully (is that a word?) I didn't wake up at 3:30 this morning since I went to bed at midnight. For some reason we have HBO this weekend so we tried to stay awake to watch the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame concert. Oh, it was hard to keep my eyes open and finally I couldn't do it anymore.

I put the food away last night but didn't do a good job of cleaning up so I have that waiting for me in the kitchen. I don't have any plans to do anything today and will feel like I accomplished something if I get dressed. What I like to do is lay on the couch all day and read.

It doesn't look like all that much snow came down during the night. Four inches maybe? It looks wet and heavy, though. I would say that in town, this storm was a bit of a disappointment. I know it was worse in the country and on the highways.

I'll probably end up writing more since I don't plan to move from this spot today, but for now, that's it. Enjoy the day. Merry Christmas to all.

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