Monday, December 07, 2009

Christmas binder of recipes seems to have disappeared

My Christmas binder seems to have disappeared. I have a binder for each holiday and keep favorite recipes and menus and even a couple of old grocery and to-do lists. The Christmas one seems to have taken a powder. I hope I didn't drag it to the thrift store last year.

I wore my vintage faux fur to school today and got rave reviews. It's really warm. One friend pointed out that the lining and the label really hint at quality. Oh, my. It must be one of the first permutations of faux fur because it's really plush and not like the pile they call faux fur today.

I'm watching the 1972 version of Scrooge with Albert Finney and Alec Guinness. I like very version but this is one of my favorites. I haven't learned to operate the tv with the new remotes (Jill, I can relate to all the remotes!) so Regis has to come in and get it started for me.

I made a triple tomato soup for dinner. It has whole tomatoes, tomato paste, and dried tomatoes in it. We love it on a cold night. Now have beef stew meat (from a chuck roast) bubbling on the stove. It smells good in here.

Man, on this movie they have little kids dancing around with a dead duck from one of the store windows. The duck still has its head on and most of the feathers. Gross.

I still have the raven(as in black bird) statue on the table. Tonight, I hung a Bah Humbug glittery sign around his neck. There you go. In honor of the season. Happy Festivus. Ha!

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Jill said...

You are quite the hoity-toity faux fur expert, Teresa. HAHA! I had a fur hat once. I think it was fur, but I'm no expert. I didn't get chased by PETA people, so I might be wrong.

I can't believe your binder is gone. I wish I could say you left it here, but even if you had, I'd never find it. How does all this crap accumulate?? That's another blog entry, sorry.

Thanks for keeping Miles apprised of the weather. Now that he's TWO and more mobile, he needs to be alert to blizzards and blowing snow.
Thanks for help keeping him safe.