Saturday, December 26, 2009

being lazy like it's my job

I'm at the end of the laziest day in recent memory. I'm feeling the urge to do something that requires some mental stimulation so I guess I'll post some random observations here. Oh boy for you.

We have Showtime on Demand but every time we look at the schedule, there isn't one movie we've even heard of and therefore, we aren't too interested in watching them. We watched a couple episodes of Iron Chef but when they looked like they were going to start killing fish on the air, we abandoned that channel. I don't have the attention span tonight to sustain a movie anyway.

I sent a big bag of chex mix off with Peter tonight. That shit is evil and it needed to get out of the house. He called later and said he had just driven by an accident on 169 with four cars and a semi in the ditch, patrol cars and ambulances all over the place. I guess the chex mix and the accident aren't connected. Are they?

I hope Ella is feeling better. She made a trip to urgent care on Christmas night and was diagnosed with pneumonia. Poor baby. She got a couple shots and a prescription. The report is that she's feeling better today.

It's snowing again. Nice to have a clean cover on the icy gray stuff that survived the storm of rain and snow the past few days. We have a puddle of water at the end of the driveway, bordered on both sides by huge ice battlements. Not so easy to drive on this stuff.

I'm going to make a warm drink (not coffee) and think about going to bed soon. That was my lazy day. My back actually is sore from sitting so much. Hahahaha. Still good to do this from time to time.

Saw a funny quote today. If work was so great, rich people would keep more of it for themselves.

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Amanda said...

oh, poor ella. pneumonia is rough and those shots they give are no joke. hope she's feeling better.