Sunday, November 01, 2009

a very busy weekend

Friday, I spent two hours in the cold rain, taking Tiffany to get her oil changed and her tabs renewed on her car. Tote a baby along and you have some real errands. She headed over to her dad's about 5.

Saturday morning, Joanne and I did the 5k fun run in St. Peter. This involved leaving the house at 8:00 and not getting back until about 11:00. I needed a long, warm bath after that adventure.

Tiffany arrived about noon with Elliot. We baked brownies and went to the grocery store and played with Elliot until we went to Tom and Betty's at 4:00. We partied and danced and ate and had a great time until we went trick or treating (see photos). We came home at 9:00 and I went to bed shortly after that.

We got up this morning and went to breakfast at Patrick's. When we came home, I put a roast on for dinner, peeled carrots and potatoes, and took Elliot for a long walk.

Tiffany and I had a wonderful time. We had some time to relax and visit about school and about other things in between our business. I'm exhausted but all in all, it was a grand birthday weekend.

This is a video of Elliot. I wanted him to do a different trick for the camera, but what he did was crawl over to the couch and starting eating the tassels on the sofa pillows. It was hilarious.

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