Thursday, November 12, 2009

thursday already

Regis and I walked down to the highway late this afternoon to see the progress they're making on the construction. It's starting to look almost normal down there and it's a good thing. Tempers are running a little short with the detours and disappearing and appearing stop signs. To say nothing of the rapid traffic down the other residential streets that aren't designated detours. This morning a woman followed me down 4th Street and man was she in a blazing hurry right on my bumper. I slowed to 20 mph and put an end to her big deal rush. What a bag.

There is a big grand opening to foot traffic celebration on Saturday. I'm all over that since there will be state and federal dignitaries there and I want to see that! There's a beer and wine tasting at our favorite beverage store, a band at one of the establishments starting at 4:00, and pictures with Santa at Total Entertainment. It will be a happening.

I had kind of a grump going today. Maybe it's because I was in a building with no windows. That wears on a guy. Hell.

My computer is all messed up tonight. It's hard to explain what it does. Regis tries to use it and he claims it's fine. It's possessed when I take over.

I went back to Mayo on Monday for my 6-month check even though it had been 7 months since my surgery. I saw the dietitian. It's always curious because she gives me information that the doctor laughs at. She said I should be eating 130 grams of carbs a day. He laughed himself silly over that one. Then I saw the psychiatrist. She remembered me from my first appointment so it was nice to visit with her. I could have sat there a long time because I like to talk about my inner workings and she seemed interested. I suppose they don't pay her for that though so she ushered me out after about 30 minutes. Then I saw the nutrition doctor who proclaimed me a healthy person. He said I am doing a great job, my lab results were perfect, and I should keep doing what I'm doing. I'm a rock star!

I'm reading a good book called Spooner. I've been tired this fall and I can only read for about twenty minutes so it's like watching five minutes of a movie a day. I can hardly track with the plot. This is from the review: Warren Spooner is a sad sack. His mother despises him as the surviving twin from a hideously painful delivery. He's not very smart, and his one redeeming talent--baseball--is nullified by catastrophic injury. He gets into trouble, a lot. Though he manages to organize his life through marriage and a (terrible) job, the self-destructive behavior endures. Really, it's funny.

Tomorrow is Friday. My favorite day of the week. Have a nice one.

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