Sunday, November 22, 2009

oh my

I can't believe it's been a week since I wrote on my blog! I used to love documenting my mundane activities here but this fall, there are a lot of things that make it happen infrequently.

My exercise routine, getting up at 4:30 and working out for 60-90 minutes in the morning, kicks my hinder. I'm not tired for the most of the day, but by the time I sit down on the couch after dinner...maybe doesn't take much for me to tip over and go to sleep. Some days I can stay about until 9, but not often. It doesn't leave much time for anything in the evenings.

I don't read much anymore either. I've been reading the same damn book for weeks. Spooner is good and the writing is entertaining and funny but I can read about five pages and I have to go to sleep. I hate to think about all the good books I'm missing.

My job is more stressful this year. Some days I go to three or more buildings and probably three or more meetings. By the end of the day, I hardly remember where I've been and what I did when I was there. I write down every phone call and make notes on all the meetings but I still miss things. Last week I missed one meeting entirely and went an hour late to another one. Scrambled marbles.

The other factor is that I got hooked on the instant gratification of facebook. So easy to jot a quick line or two as a status update and move on. I didn't have to think much or compose anything in my head...and remember it until the end of the day. Believe me...I have composed some great blog posts in my head this fall only to have them disappear into the breeze.

I have managed to get my Thanksgiving menu ready, the groceries bought, and the to-do list printed. This is my favorite part of the meal preparation. I wish we had more people coming this year....might have to beat the bushes for some unoccupied friends!

Reggie came over for dinner and we started talking about the Christmas Eve menu. Fun! I won't reveal the possibilities yet.

I made a delicious wild rice and chicken soup for dinner with corn bread. A good dinner for a late fall day. Joanne came for a mid-afternoon glass of wine but didn't stay for dinner.

Our friend, Dick, was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure. I talked to both Jane and Dick last night...Dick sounded much stronger and more like himself than he did when we saw him this summer when he seemed pale and tired. It's discordant...having your friends diagnosed with old people diseases. Like seeing the scruffy old man at the grocery store at noon buying two shrimp rings with cocktail sauce. We hope Dick continues to recover and feel better. Discordant...interesting idea.

It was so beautiful outside today that we did some surprising things. Regis hooked up the hose and washed the outside of the house. I took our old fish tank out and washed it off on the patio. As miserable as October was, November has been wonderful.

About a month ago, we found a foster home for our last surviving fish, a loach. I found someone who was interested in the tank so now it's in a new home, too. Fish are high maintenance. I only want low maintenance pets for which our current little dog qualifies. He can't hear so he doesn't back when the door bell rings and he can't see very well so he doesn't bark when the mailman goes by.

I have to see who the next Iron Chef will be. And then on to bed. I'll do better at documenting our own imperfect lives, I promise.

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