Monday, October 12, 2009

yuck snow

I usually enjoy the first snow of the season but they don't come this early. We woke up to about three inches of wet, heavy snow that continued to come all day. It didn't stick on the roads but it made a mess everywhere else. I heard a guy on the radio call it a menacing mess. That's about it and what the hell.

Somebody said it's going to warm up. Yeah, and when would that be? It barely crept above freezing (that's 32 degrees for the warm weather fans) and it's not supposed to get much above 40 this week. If it's going to get warm, it has about two weeks to accomplish that. It...whatever that is.

I woke up at 3 this morning and didn't go back to sleep which makes for a long and fuzziesh day. I don't feel at the top of my mental acumen, if you know what I mean. Or is that acuminium?

I coin words when I'm tired. If you can't think of the right one, hell, just make one up.

I think I mentioned before that I had given some thought to the Halloween Fun Run. I talked a friend of mine into walking with me so it might be fun. I'm not running. Not on my old knees.

We're flying to Philly on Thursday. Deb says it helps to have a glass of wine pre-flight to help with anxiety. Do they sell wine at the airport at 6 a.m.?

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deb said...

Well, heck, if you're flying that early, you can barely get coffee at the airport! So, I change my comments from "have a glass of wine or a bloody mary" to "skip the coffee" because the coffee just winds you up and who needs that? It's not like you're flying very long....barely 2 hours? Hah! It'll take you longer to get to the airport and get on the plane than it will to fly!