Saturday, October 10, 2009


The dog woke us up at 3:00, shaking his head and scratching at his ear. He apparently has an infection and it was bothersome. Regis took him out to the couch to sleep. He'll have to go to the vet.

Tiffany's car dropped a muffler on Highway 52 headed to Rochester. It had to be towed in for what may be expensive repairs.

Peter finally took his car in yesterday for a tune-up. Arvin called and said he did need a tune-up but the more important matter was a leaking something or other that could start a fire. Arvin said a car that doesn't run right is one thing but a car that starts on fire is quite another. Arvin is a philosopher and the repairs are expensive.

So far today, Regis and I are healthy.

It snowed during the night.

We're taking the GPS unit to PA with us. Regis is busy entering the addresses of the places to which we plan to motor.

I'm headed to the pulse soon for my Saturday work-out. Joanne and I are going to walk the Halloween Fun Run. There's an oxymoron for you. Fun Run. We aren't going to wear costumes, right Joanne?

Anybody else feeling the pinch to winterize? We still have our grill on the patio and it's covered with snow. What the hell. We had two weeks of hot weather this summer and they were both in September. I don't have mittens out yet but I need them. This whole thing is a little mixed up.

I stayed awake until 8 last night. I was a little worried because a couple nights this week, I tipped over at 6:30 and slept all night. Well, until 3 or 4. We're going to the Bothy tonight so I better stay awake until it's over. It would look weird to be sleeping on a folding chair.

Happy weekend.

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