Monday, October 19, 2009

random stuff but I promised Sandy

I haven't posted anything for a week. Regis and I flew (not of our own power) to Philadelphia for the weekend so I feel like I have been pulled through a knothole butt first.

We left home Wednesday right after school. We checked into the Dakota Ridge Best Western where we could park our car for a week. We wandered over to a restaurant within walking distance where we had a glass or two of wine and some comfort meat loaf.

Our plane left at 8 a.m. and of course I was nervous about over-sleeping so I woke up at 2:30 and spent the rest of the night worrying. So helpful.

We got on the shuttle in plenty of time and waited in the airport for 90 minutes, just like they tell you to do. Not everybody follows the rules, though, because we were the only ones there for quite a while. Our plane left on time and there were no incidents.

The fellow who checked us through security was funny. I told him we're inexperienced travelers so he told me what to take off (nine pounds of bracelets) and what to put in the bins. He told Regis to put a new cell phone on his Christmas list because his face plate is cracked. Ok dude.

We landed in PA to 40 degree temps and driving rain. They call this miserable weather condition a Nor'easter. Yeah, my hinder. It's as close to snow as you can get without flakes. We had to drive around all day because the relatives who were housing us were at work and have four dogs. We didn't want to be consumed by large labradors so we killed time by driving from mall to mall and buying warm clothes.

We stopped at a strip mall restaurant in South Philly for pizza. It was perfect. A woman in a large blond bouffant called me hon and brought me a gorgeous pizza. You can't buy dough like that in Minnesota.

We had a nice time with the siblings and their spouses. Friday night we went out to eat with Kurt and Jane. We were serenaded by Dominic, Italian waiter just off the boat (I swear...) at the lovely Italian restaurant we visited. The restaurant doesn't have a liquor license because it's a dry township but you can bring your wine and beer into the place. So here is this very posh joint and people were carrying Playmate coolers and Walmart bags in containing their wine and beer. Very strange. I said that would get you arrested in MN.

Ride home was uneventful, too. We made it through the weekend without anybody getting testy or homicidal. I feel like I've been time many things and people and conversations all mixed up. I'm not sure sometimes if I've said things or just thought it and it didn't come out my mouth.

Wednesday I leave for a conference in Brainerd. I ought to be in fine shape by Saturday.

Alex learned to crawl! Look at him go!

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deb said...

Not for nothin', as they like to say on Long Island, but didn't I mention NOT to wear the bracelets? So much for my tips. Glad you had a great time, though, and it was uneventful in the crazy travel department.