Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pictures from a trip

Sister Jocelyn, brother Larry, and Larry's wife Eileen. Larry and Eileen just got back from a trip to Vegas.
Jane and Kurt's dog, Cody. They had four beautiful labs at their house. Big dogs but full of personality and very gentle. Except that darn Sandy. Sandy's only saving grace was that she would deliver a cold beer and take the empty bottle back to the kitchen. We almost bought her a plane ticket for that!

Larry, Eileen, and Jocelyn.

Teresa and Cody.

Regis and his old friend, Jack. We met Jack at the Golden Dawn diner (diners are a mystery to me...) for dinner Thursday night and again Saturday morning for breakfast. Jack's quite a story teller so it wasn't difficult to sit for two hours over coffee.

Teresa and Jane looking at pictures. That's Morgan on the couch between us. Morgan is also known as Large Marge. She was scared of Sandy and shook like a leaf when Sandy wanted to be the top dog.

This is a piece of driftwood that Kurt found floating in the surf in Jamaica. I don't know if you can tell from this picture but it looks just like Christ on the cross. It would make a good match for my Virgin Mary peanut.

Regis in some wine cellar we visited on Friday. It was not the most picturesque place as you can see in the following photos but the wine was good. We visited several vineyards, sampling and buying wine, then realized we couldn't take it back on the plane. Uh oh.

Here's the basement. No tour or anything...they just pointed us to a dusty cellar full of big stainless steel tanks.

They had a nice yard with sculptures but it was so damn cold that we weren't about to sit out there.
A ceramic house display out in the yard of the vineyard. Interesting but a little weird.

Grape vines. Big deal. Ha!

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