Monday, October 26, 2009

notes; random ones

In the last few days, I've composed a few blog posts in my head. I do that a lot and I tell you, that is some good stuff going on up there. They never made it to the launching pad, though, as you can tell. I can't even remember what they were about anymore.

I came home, turned on World Cafe, poured a glass of red wine, and made squash soup. The house smells grand and dinner was great.

Not only is St. Peter all torn up from stem to stern, but now they've started resurfacing the road leading up to my school and there is a big construction project going on in the next lot. All of this makes for lots of large equipment and lots of noise.

The walls were vibrating this afternoon which makes for an over-stimulating environment. I think if it continues tomorrow, I'll fall to the floor and fake some kind of seizure and apply for disability. That's probably sort of morbid humor. But it explains the need for the zen moments...the wine, the music, and the soup.

Regis is making popcorn for me. We've forsaken microwave popcorn so he's making it in a pan. That's an art.

We're watching Antiques Roadshow. They must have a Halloween theme...lots of weird things like skulls, hair art, and cases full of scarab beatles. We like to guess how much the stuff is worth but this one is hard.

I'm out of gas early tonight and on my way to be soon. Good book waiting.

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