Tuesday, October 27, 2009

daylight...what the hell happened to it?

I read in the paper today that the sun rises at 7:45 and sets at 6:08.. That isn't much daylight. No wonder we're getting cranky...and November is our cloudiest month. Look for wine sales to sky rocket at MGM in November.

Someday cell phone companies will be known for the pirates that they are. Tonight I'm getting messages from something called celebsquares urging me to play some game on my cell phone. Imagine what that would cost. And who signed me up for that crap? It's insidious.

I went to a baby shower on Sunday for Gabriel, Joanne's new grandbaby. His daddy opened a package of t-shirts with writing on them like this: Eco-friendly. Save the trees. Conserve water. We decided that they were politically correct baby shirts...or baby clothes for liberal babies. And then the obvious next thought is this: What would conservative baby shirts say? Screw the poor? No health care for the middle class? Education for the rich? Hahahaha. I crack myself up. (No political rants in the comment section, please. This is not a democratic blog.)

Peter came home from work today with some kind of illness. He slept all afternoon and evening until I went down to check on him. He has a wicked headache and a cold. Good mom made him chicken soup and poured him a big glass of juice. Regis is disinfecting the house and worrying.

I'm going back to bed. More tomorrow.

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