Saturday, October 24, 2009

cowboy duds

The cowboy duds in the picture are not the property of Regis as a boy. They are part of the photo op. What 1950's kid wouldn't have loved those cowboy duds?

We stopped by our favorite liquor store tonight. We haven't been there for weeks, mostly because you can hardly get there from here. The manager was very positive about the changes that are happening in the street, bless his heart. It's a real flippin' mess out there but I did buy a nice bottle of transition wine, a pinto noir. I like white wine in the summer, red in the winter, and pinot in the fall.

We went to Tom and Betty's today. We had a good time, laughing at their pug and planning our Halloween costumes. Betty could make a prize winning costume out of my dirty clothes pile and I have no imagination so we're a good pair.

Regis and I went out about 10 this morning, in the cold sunshine, and started raking leaves and putting our lawn furniture away. It made me sad because we haven't really used the grill since the first part of September. The bugs got so bad that it wasn't pleasant, then it started to rain and it was freezing cold. So much for the end of summer...and apparently fall.

We got the leaves that have fallen moved to the curb where the city will pick them up tomorrow. I dug up the canna lilies (we have about 500 of the buggers), and got all the stuff moved to the garage. That's it for summer....

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deb said...

Nice cowboy outfit, Regis. I think I have a cowgirl picture somewhere when my cousin Murray put me on his horse although I know for sure I didn't have the cute outfit.

End of summer up there, eh? We still have our shorts and flip flops on down here but there's that "sense" that fall is in the air.