Wednesday, October 07, 2009

baseball guilt

So. Last night I watched about a grand total of three minutes of the baseball game. When Regis cheered and waved his TC cap in the air, I looked up and tried to figure out what happened. I felt a small desire that the Twins win and some anxiety that they wouldn't so I went to bed and figured I would find out in the morning. At 3 a.m., I woke up and wondered aloud to Regis who won the game. He had also given up and gone to bed so I had to get out of bed and check the Trib online. And then there was no going back to bed for me. It's been a long day.

Regis has night class tonight and I have the game on television. I know more about baseball than I do about football. I know that when they hit it a really long way and people cheer, that it could be a home run. I know that when someone catches the ball, it could be an out. Beyond that, I'm fuzzy, but somehow I manage to live a rich and happy life.

I put some chicken breast and carrots in the oven for dinner. See? I do remember how to cook.

In the dark of night this morning, Regis went to the grocery store. What a guy. He also sent me a beautiful bouquet of roses at work yesterday. They're white on the outside and deep red on the inside. They look like this:

I wore my first pair of tall boots to work today. I felt like I had to learn to walk all over I had peg legs. A guy gets a powerful feeling in a pair of boots and that's one of the reasons I like them. Click click click. And they're very comfortable. Remember the guy in the cowboy store asked me what I was going to be doing with the boots. Walking around I said.

Ok well, now I'm tired and full of chicken and carrots and I don't care about the baseball game anymore. G'night. I have no idea why those words are the way they are. Ghosts.

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