Monday, September 28, 2009

yesterday sucked

I decided a few weeks ago to turn in my district laptop and buy my own personal laptop. I did that and today, took my new red Dell to the tech department to have the network software installed on it. Nope, that's against the rules. So now, I have a laptop that gets to work for me on the couch. Regis cleaned the other one off before we knew that and therefore it has to go back to have all of that stuff re-installed so I can use it at school. That's only the start.

I got home and found a letter from my mortgage company saying I hadn't paid my bill. I pay it through bill pay at the bank so I called customer service. I got into a little shouting match with the woman who said my bank probably didn't mail it on time. I said maybe the mortgage company was sitting on the checks so they could collect late fees from all their customers before they turn the bank over to Wells Fargo. That didn't go over so well with her and she got more shrill. I asked to speak to a supervisor who said I had never been late so he was refunding the late fee. He had a real southern accent so I calmed right down.

I quit in the middle of this whiny post last night because the new Dell seemed to have ghosts. It would open windows randomly and the cursor jumped around and started typing in places where I didn't want it to type. What the hell. So I quit.

You know, the wind blew like a banshee yesterday and that might have contributed to my agitation.

Today didn't suck. It was actually a very good and very busy day. I went to work out at 5 and the stars were gorgeous. I suppose it was the clear sky and cold temperatures (does that affect the clarity of stars?) but maybe it was just my heightened visual powers.

Tiffany called this afternoon to tell me that Elliot went to the doctor today and he weighs 19 pounds. He's in the 50th percentile. He had a couple shots so wasn't happy about that but otherwise he's happy and healthy. She called the other night to make sure she had him dressed warm enough to go outside. Isn't that sweet?

I spent a lot of time on the road today. This is where I went: SPHS-MVED-LSH-MVED-HLC-SPHS-MVED. Then home. My butt's draggin'. I'm not sure this was an efficient use of my time but I scheduled it so have nobody to blame but myself.

Two people, both of them in my family, referred to my clothing today as "my get-up". I was not dressed outlandishly (today) and I was not wearing my cowboy boots which I understand might cause me to be accused of wearing a "get-up". But anyway hell, I have a lot of years to dress like an old lady so I might as well live it up now. I think I'll start wearing those cowboy boots every day just for the hell of it. I realize I used hell twice in this paragraph.

Regis got slicked up yesterday and asked Nate if he could take a couple pictures. Nate graciously posed for this picture. On his business card, it says "get slicked up". He's a real character. His shop is downtown below Erbert's and Gerbert's if you haven't been there.

I really like this shot, too. Regis took it through the window as he went down the steps. It has kind of an artsy flavor, I think. I keep telling Regis he should start a blog or something for his photos but he probably won't. He has a much better eye for that kind of thing than I do.

Well, that's it for the past two days. Fascinated by our own imperfect lives.


deb said...

oh yeah...I was wondering about that pc thing. We can't use any home pc to access the network either. It's all gotta be company equipment, so to speak... just keeping us safe, I guess.

annie said...

Hey, the sign on Nate's door says he only works 4 days per week. And it looks like he actually likes his job... Hmmm. Where did he go to barber school? I think I need to sign up for some classes.

Jill said...

Both photos are great. Nate himself has an artsy quality about him. I think Larry should try him out. He ditched the local barber scene when Glen Z. retired, but maybe it's time to come back. Of course, if Annie goes to barber school, he'll have to give her the business. Come to think of it, he gives her the business already.

Regis could enter photo contests. My friend L. S. from N.Mkto just found out one of her photos will be featured as the January page on the City of Mankato calendar for 2010. No, not MISS JANUARY, for those of you who are thinking this is a joke.

Jill said...

Your "get up"?? Come on, people! I saw you on Wed., Teresa, and you looked sophisticated and chic (pronounce it the French was, not the baby poultry way).

Now I feel terrible about your bad day on the 28th. Here you cheered me up with a goodie bag yesterday, and I had no idea you'd been in a funk a couple of days earlier. If I'd known that, I'd have looked around for some cheer-you-up stuff, too...although it wouldn't have had the charm and taste of your items. A spotted banana, some V-8, and overripe tomatoes would have been the best I could have offered on Monday. Thanks for having a more elegant pantry than I have!