Sunday, September 13, 2009

what the hell is with the weather

It's warmer this weekend, and will be warmer all week, than it has been all summer. I'm not prepared clothing wise, for this. I wore jeans and sweaters the whole month of July because the temperature barely rose above 75. It's going to be 83 today and in the 80s all week. I guess the only good thing is that the temperature peaks about 3 and then starts dropping. Not like June when you have heat for a much longer period of time.

Congratulations to Joanne on the birth of her first grandbaby, Gabriel Joseph. Gabe was born Thursday, September 1oth.

We still have hummingbirds in the canna lilies. They should be on their way to Mexico soon. Smart birds. Get out of here before the ice and snow.

I have a few things I should get done before we go to Rock Bend today. Tedious jobs. Bill paying and garbage hauling and cardboard recycling. I'd rather read and futz around. Hey, futz is a real word. I just checked.

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Jill said...

Maybe hummingbirds are smart to get out of here, but you'd think they'd find a less exhausting form of transportation.