Tuesday, September 15, 2009

what good stock

My great aunt Hazel's obituary is below, or at least a link to it. She died the other day at 102 and she was the sister of my grandfather, Ben Syverson. I told my dentist today about Hazel (daughter of Norwegian immigrants) and he said many very old people still have their own teeth. I said Hazel's obit didn't mention her teeth but maybe they should. Instead of listing predeceased by they could say whether or not the deceased possessed their own choppers.

I've probably had busier days than the last two but I don't remember when. Honestly, I am pooped. I've figured out that when I take Ambien, my balance is not so good in the morning. I don't need to take it very often any more...maybe once a week...so there's some motivation. I won't fly off the treadmill like a sack of wheat if I am in my own mind.

Regis went over to Bob and Emily's yesterday. He felt Ella tug on the bottom of his shirt. When he looked down, she said, "Want to go to Patrick's for lunch with me on Saturday?" What a hoot.

I'm reading a good book I borrowed from Betty called Still Alice. It's about a woman who is diagnosed with Alzheimer's at age 50. It's very good. It's written from her perspective so you get a sense of how terrifying it is to be lost or to realize you are forgetting basic things like names.

We picked a bunch of tomatoes from our pathetic tomato patch tonight and now they're bubbling on the stove. I decided not to season them so they can go either way...spaghetti sauce or chili.

Well, that's it for tonight. It's only 7:30 but I've had it. I'm going to bed to read and sleep.

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