Sunday, September 20, 2009

swap meet

I don't know if other St. Peterites know this but at least once a year there is a swap meet at the fair grounds that is very entertaining for the folks who live on our street. Cars start parking way down here early in the morning. The attendees, mostly men, climb out of their cars and grab back packs, coolers, and lawn they're going to a music festival or something. Regis and I aren't even too sure what they're swapping but we think it has to do with cars because there are old cars roaring up and down the street and the swap meet patrons come back bearing things that look like muffler parts. We were tempted to walk down there to see what's going on but decided it's more fun to speculate.

We were much more productive today than we were yesterday. Regis did laundry and homework and cooked ribs this afternoon. I did some cooking...fiber muffins, chili, and an egg bake. La dee da. It was a gorgeous day and a wonderful way to end the summer. Fall starts Tuesday, you know. It's the autumnal equinox.

Of all things, we're watching the Emmy Awards. We don't watch much television, at least not much of a variety, so most of these people are strangers. I find the same thing when I pick up a People magazine. I don't know who those people are anymore. What happened to the old movie stars like Paul Newman? This is how it happens, isn't it? You don't know who Seal is and pretty soon you can't set a digital clock.

Regis is shopping for a laptop for me online. I have a school laptop but honestly things are so tight financially lately that I feel like I'm taking food out of the mouths of starving infants by keeping it. Hell, I'll turn it in and buy my own. I can't take the guilt.

We're taking a long weekend trip to Philadelphia next month. I have a terror of traveling in any fashion and especially traveling that requires an airplane but I'm trying to swallow it for these four days. I sent for a tourist book from Bucks County and have been paging through it looking for the things I want to do. I bought tickets to the Jim Henson exhibit at some museum and I'd like to visit a winery. I don't remember seeing the Liberty Bell last time we were there so we might do that again. If you've seen pictures of that stuff in history books, it gets all mixed up and you think you've been there. Or you've been there and you think you saw it in a history book. No difference.

One of the things I hate about the East coast is that it takes so long to go anywhere. Everything is 45 mintues away. You can't go for an ice cream cone without driving 45 minutes. I don't know how they do it as there aren't enough hours in a day to get all those places. Our bank, grocery store, bar, restaurant, drug store, and counseling center (ha!) are all within a four-block area. We think three cars at the stop sign on Third Street is a traffic jam. We're barely suited for big city travel anymore. We should stick to gravel roads. Such rubes.

I didn't see any hummingbirds today so I think they have all headed South. Here's to their safety, fragile little things. Regis saw one light on a branch yesterday. He and the hummingbird made eye contact and they both froze for a second, then the hummingbird took off.

I have to go out and shut the sprinkler off. On to the week.

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