Saturday, September 19, 2009

saturday tour

Regis and I went out and about today and took pictures of some local stuff for the Norris blog. Here we are at the pearly gates and at the Treaty Site Historical Center. I'm looking at the straw-filled bed and wondering how many bugs and mice live in it.

I bought a pair of black cowboy boots at a western store at the mall the other night. It was an interesting experience, let me tell you. Two dudes who looked like real cowboys worked there. The one helping us asked me what I was going to use them for which is a good question, I guess. I said for walking around. No goat roping for me. I wondered later how these guys dress when they aren't working at the western store. Joanne says she has a neighbor kid who dresses like that when he goes out at night. And where does he go dressed like that, I wonder. It would be like going into a toga store and having the clerks dressed in that gear. There would be nowhere to go dressed like that. Same for cowboys. Of course, I bought the boots and now where am I going dressed like that? The irony of this escaped me for a while...but now it dawns.


Jill said...
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Jill said...

Whoa Nellie, Teresa! I'm praying you don't have any blog fans in Montana. Cowboy boots and pick-up trucks are like flip-flops and Toyota Corollas in Minnesota. Just ask my in-laws, who are from the great state of New York and have lived in Montana for over 30 years. Haha!

(I dumped my first comment because I forgot to finish the last sentence, in case you're wondering!)

deb said...

Teresa, You look great here in that lovely orange top! And now, a word about cowboy boots. I wear them to work sometimes to rave reviews. And, Harold's bar is just up the street and is The Buffalo Chip -- two places where no one comes in the door without boots. There you have it.