Saturday, September 26, 2009

saturday night musing

We had a busy Saturday. The refrigerator has been in the middle of the kitchen floor floor for four days because there seemed to be something wrong with the freezer. I opened it one morning and the box of popsicles was running down the side. Not a pretty sight. Regis cleaned up the immediate mess and we let it sit there so the back could be vacuumed and the floor beneath it cleaned. Some yuck had accumulated but not too much. Turns out it's fine. At least it seems to be at the moment.

I have a new laptop and the mouse pad operates differently than my old computer. It takes groups of letters and drops them in odd places. It skips up whole rows of text and inserts parts of words where I don't want them. When I type, I must drag my finger across the pad and it does these weird things. Of course, now that I'm conscious of it and pointing my Luger at the screen, it won't do it. Damn thing.

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