Wednesday, September 09, 2009

poor pitiful garage gets a make-over

Our little garage has an interesting story. It looks (and smells) like an old machine shed inside leading us to believe it was hauled in off some farm back in the day. The part you can't see is a nose off the back side of it that was probably added because the car was too long to fit. A big Chrysler, maybe. It had a pretty holey roof when we moved in and we planned to fix it but when the tornado blew through town, it left our garage standing while most of them in the neighborhood collapsed in piles of lumber. We fixed it structurally but it always looked pretty crappy aesthetically. This summer we replaced the small door on the side, had it painted, then replaced the big door. Ta da. The garage gets a face-lift. Next spring I'm going to plant tons of hostas around the foundation so it looks pretty.

1 comment:

deb said...

Are you going to put those little bird houses Estle made on the side of it again? I always thought those were so cute.