Sunday, September 27, 2009

making up for every lazy day we've ever had

There's more smokin' here today than the pork butt. We've gotten more done today before noon than we do in most entire weekends. Maybe it's the cold front and it's awakened our primitive need to prepare for cold weather.

I'm making salsa with the last of the garden tomatoes and tomatillos. I've never gwon tomatillos before and when I tasted one, it reminded me of what we used to call ground cherries. Come to find out, they're in the same plant family.

Regis is doing the laundry. He always does the laundry. I just drop my dirty clothes down the chute and they come back clean and folded. What a guy.

We saw a hummingbird in the cannas yesterday but none so far today. Maybe it was his last meal before the big flight.

Going to work on the salsa.

1 comment:

Jill said...

It's not even 11:00 yet, Teresa! You're making the rest of us look lazy. Oh... we ARE lazy!