Saturday, September 12, 2009

long sigh and wonder where the time goes

How did it get to be Saturday and almost the middle of September already? Is this some kind of time warp?

I went to a big ass meeting in the cities (not sure which one) yesterday. It was ok but very stimulating for a person like me who is leery of social events that involve crowds. I went to bed at 8 o'clock last night and slept soundly until 5. Uff da.

I went to the Pulse this morning. I did my cardio exercise and oh by the way, I remembered what the numbers mean. My goal for this month is 20 times a month, 40 minutes a time, 200 minutes a week. I didn't make the 200 last week because Elliot was here but I did this week. I had to do 53 minutes today to make up for a shortfall. I'll make 20 times this month, too, I think.

I actually considered the Halloween Fun Run which would be more of a walk for me since I don't like running, or jumping for that matter. Not that they require jumping. I actually thought, hey I could walk three miles. I'm sure I won't do it but I think it's significant that it even entered my consciousness at a level where it was considered. I'm not sure that people who exercise can appreciate the change in thinking that must happen for a person who has been a waddlesome sloth (Bill Bryson) most of their lives to become a more active person. It's probably like becoming a communist.

Regis is enjoying school if I haven't mentioned this before. He is sure working hard at it so he deserves to do well. I think he'll make the dean's list or the honor roll, whichever they have there at SCC. Good for him. He made me a spreadsheet for paying bills which will be nice since I've been doing it the old-fashioned way for years.

On to the weekend.

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deb said...

My mother always thought this picture looked like her neighbor Ingrid Julsrud...and it did except I never saw Ingrid doing anything as vertical as this. She mostly liked to sit on the screen porch and watch passer-bys.