Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday morning and making a plan for the week

Suddenly, making plans for the week is more difficult. Hard as we tried, we didn't win a lottery so I have to go to work. It doesn't leave as much time for play. Harrumph.

I worked in the house yesterday. We're clutter kind of folks so once in a while, you need to rearrange and find the piles and get rid of some crap.

I sold the piano and the very nice people who bought it came to pick it up in the morning. They have three children who want to learn to play, and as much as I loved that piano, nobody here ever played it. I have two songs in repertoire and it didn't make sense for it to live here and never be played, and we needed the space. But when I saw them getting ready to load it in the pickup, I was overcome with sadness. I went into the office to weep because I know crying makes men nervous. I'm better today.

I found another piano book after they left so I think I'll put it in the mail with a note about being glad our piano found a good home.

We went to Dino's for dinner last night for a tomato duet pizza and a Greek salad. That is the nicest place, truly. We love the atmosphere and the serving people are very friendly and the food is always beyond delicious. We're never disappointed.

A rumbling thunder storm woke us up this morning. I swilled a lot of coffee, then made cottage cheese pancakes. They have more protein and no white flour so they're a better option for me than the other kind. Regis is very accommodating and said he liked them.

Peter has to work today, I'm going to clean some more, and Regis is going to cook chicken thighs on the grill for dinner. That's our Sunday.

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Jill said...

Will you share your recipe for cottage cheese pancakes? New to me!