Saturday, August 01, 2009

Regis and Ella do lunch

I was out of town today and Regis went over to see the little kids. He offered to take Ella out for lunch and let her pick the place. She wanted to go to Patrick's of course, so off they went. They were having a conversation (language dancing) and she wanted to know where Nana was today. Regis explained that I had gone to a friends house in Minneapolis for lunch and that other friends were coming, too. Ella asked a few question, then the pieces fell into place and she said, "Oh! She's playing!"

We sat on the patio tonight for a while. I sat near the grill...the heat felt good. I lit a candle and it seemed right. Honestly, it's like October out there except it stays light longer. I read on some weather blog that temps for August through October are supposed to be more normal. More normal? The Trib says statewide, the average temperature in July of 64.4 degrees was the third lowest on record. I think it's been great but Regis and one other guy in town (that I know of) really crab about it. Such curmudgeons.

The reaction of my old friends to my recent weight loss was interesting but weird. I was kind of the show and tell project for a while and it was fun to experience the surprise and excitement. I was thinking on the way home that these friends of more than 40 years have only known my fat person self. Even if I weighed less at some point, I was never this thin in my head.

On my way to bed. I have a good book...The Women by T.C. Boyle. It's about the women in the life of Frank Lloyd Wright.

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