Saturday, August 29, 2009

question about twitter

To answer Jill's question about twitter. I'm no authority because I don't tweet although I did for a short time. I think twitter is one step down the social ladder from blogs and facebook. Shorter and more public. I think. It can go out over phones. Who would want to read anything that way? Here' an interesting article in Slate about what the author calls orphaned tweets, people who sign up for twitter, post once, and then are never heard from again. It's all very interesting.

Let's see. The ladder would go (top to bottom) epic novels, romance novels, literary journals, newspapers, tabloids, blogs, facebook, twitter. I have probably left out a few.


PP said...

Ah, yeah, I think you did leave out a few. For example, where does "Food Nation" binder fit in?

Jill said...

Paul's quite the jokester. He's obviously seen your binder collection.

Back to Twitter...I will read the article. Thanks, Teresa. So many of my students read their email on their phones, too. One day a student was in my office and asked if I minded if she left her phone on because she was waiting for a contact from someone who was going to give her a ride home for the weekend. In the time we talked she must have gotten about 10 emails. I commented on the convenience of getting emails by phone, and she said she'd love it if it weren't for all the junk emails she gets. I hadn't thought of that. Just what you want-- porn ads and guys from Malaysia asking you to transfer $100,000 to your bank account to help them out.