Monday, August 10, 2009


Mom's here so she slept in the king-size bed with me and Regis was reassigned to the couch. He insisted. What a nice guy.

We had a great summer dinner of steak, shrimp and scallop kabobs, sweet corn, and a salad with basil vinaigrette last night. Mom and Regis had some of Bruce's apple pie recipe for dessert. This is the apple pie you make with grain alcohol, not the kind you make with apples. It smells great, though, so I enjoy it from that angle.

I got up early and went to the Pulse where I watched an episode of Clean Sweep while I walked on the treadmill. The treadmill routine (is that the right word?) that I started a month ago and which nearly killed me is now easy. Funny how that happens. It's dark in the morning when I go and I hate that.

We're heading to Rochester today to see the Norris cousins, their spouses, and kids. We've been invited to a cook-out at the home of a niece on Mr. Butler's side. I guess they like to serve martinis. My brother Pat warned Mom and said she shouldn't have one. What the hell. She isn't 90 years old. I think I'd have one just to see what happened.

Our garage is being painted starting tomorrow. We're so excited as it has looked pretty much like hell for ten years. It was the only garage in the neighborhood that survived the tornado but we think that was because the roof was full of holes. It got a new roof and a coat of paint thanks to volunteers. It wasn't scraped or primed so it never did look very good. It will have a whole new look by Wednesday and a picture may be featured right here.

We might make a stop at the Fleet Farm in Owatonna. Nothing we like better than a good deal.


PP said...

Kari likes going to Fleet Farm for the sponge candy. Can't seem to find it anywhere else...not like we make a special trip to Owatonna, but if we are driving by, we are definitely stopping.

Jill said...

Be sure to file a report on your mom's martini encounter, should that happen. My grandma always loved gin and tonic weather, as she referred to July and August. She was into her 90's when she died, and I'm sure the G & T's were one of the reasons she lived so long.