Thursday, August 13, 2009

mom has a martini without incident and jered allen cranks it up

On Monday night in Rochester, we were invited to a very nice martini party. My mom was warned by one of her more worrisome children to not drink any martinis. Of course, she decided that a martini was just the ticket so she had one, and told us later if she had know other people were having two, she would have had another. She behaved herself with decorum and the martini party went on without incident. Yay, Mom!

Other events from the day included a visit to Steve and Sherry's house where we were entertained by Pepsi, the ditch dog, a four mile walk around Rochester on Tuesday morning, a trip to TJ Maxx, and a stay at a nice new Hampton Inn where we had big white duvets and feather pillows. It was quite plush. It was great fun to see Deb and Larry again. We hope Larry is having a safe trip on his hundred mile bike trip.

Regis, Young Regis, and Tom went to see the Vikings practice on Wednesday. The picture above is some dude apparently, ummm, rearranging his parts...or making a rude gesture. Good grief. Don't they realize everyone has a camera? Apparently going to training camp is not what it was 30 years ago. I keep trying to come up with something witty and urbane to say about this but I can't. So moving on and scaling up.

As a hedge against going back to work, we bought two lottery tickets. When we didn't win, we bought ten dollars worth of pull-tabs. No luck there either. So I will be in on Monday.

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Jill said...

What a relief that your mom didn't embarrass your family! I was checked the Rochester Post-Bulletin online for the story "Canby Senior Citizen Drinks One Too Many Martinis". Didn't happen, so good for her! haha