Tuesday, August 18, 2009

middle of the week

I was sitting in the coffee shop this morning staring at my calendar, working on lists, and holding my head in my hands. A friend of mine walked by and asked what I was doing. Getting my marbles into the right slots so I can go to work, I said. I'm not sure I accomplished it. When a summer is as nice as this one was, it's hard to go back to rushing and list making and action plans.

Ella came for dinner. Regis picked her up and when she got in the car, she let out a big sigh and said, "Finally I get to see Nana!" We just went to the fair together Friday but it must be one of life's great pleasures to have someone miss you like that. We made burgers on the grill, she played with the cream pitchers, and we ate popsicles and toasted pink marshmallows on the patio.

I'm reading a book called The Women that was highly recommended as in "I can't put it down". I can put it down, believe me. I've been trudging through that damn book for two weeks and I'm only halfway done. I think I have to quit. While it's interesting that Frank Lloyd Wright hooked up with a few crazy women, I don't want to read 400 pages of little vinaigrettes about it. (I know...) On to something else. Like bad wine, bad books are just not worth consuming.

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