Monday, August 31, 2009

corpuscle theory of a non-scientist

If you're in junior high, don't use this in a research paper. I am not a scientist. I make no claims about the validity or accuracy of this information.

A person has so many corpuscles. If a person focuses their corpuscles on brain activity they get smarter and remember things and speak articulately. If instead, a person focuses their corpuscles on physical activity, their brain stagnates and they become forgetful and woozy in the head. Since I started exercising on a regular basis, I have been the latter. Woozy in the head. Acupuncture has not helped my chi to flow to my brain. I like basking in the afternoon sun with a glass of wine instead of making lists and doing stuff.

I really loathe football on tv. How does this qualify as entertainment?

I almost told someone today to have a nice weekend but stopped just in the nick of time. How could I think it was the weekend when it's only Monday?

That's enough of my weird and cranky thinking for one day.

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