Friday, August 28, 2009

and don't put the details in the headline

As I was drifting off into my nap this afternoon, I was writing a blog post in my head. Unfortunately, it drifted away as I was sleeping and I could only remember what came after and. It might come back but then again, it might not.

We've had a wildlife haven here at the Ponderosa today. Regis took this picture of a hummingbird in the cannolis but he wasn't prepared with his long lens so he'll be ready tomorrow. I think it's a good shot of a hummingbird. Not like the little bastards sit down and pose for you.

In the other shots, there were rabbits, squirrels,and a plethora of finches. When I came home from the grocery store, there was, no shit, a red-tailed hawk sitting on the back gate. I almost died. Last winter, if you recall, we had a sharp-shinned hawk eating a mouse on the back fence. I'm almost scared to let the dog out.

Here's my main thought for the day. I've been neglectful of my blog this summer, mostly because I have been fascinated with the medium called Facebook. It's so fast and short that I can write a quick thought and move on. Most people must be lurkers, though, because I have to hold back, thinking my posts will be overwhelmiing to people who aren't that interested in my every move. Ha! The last few days, I've been thinking about what I write on The Blog and what I write on Facebook and why Facebook is fun, but gives me the creeps sometimes.

I don't watch the news on television because it's too hard to filter. They have all that murder and mayhem and if you're in listening disance, you get it. At least with a newspaper, you have a chance to filter out what you don't want to know about.

I think that's the difference between blogs and facebook. With a blog, there is more time to wade in and decide if this is something you want to read or know about...and you can stop if it isn't. I try to be a little circumspect (are there degrees of that?) when I'm writing on my blog. I wrote about my surgery in pretty good detail but I figure most folks knew it was coming and they could choose to skip those if they didn't want to know. If I had written those things on Facebook, they would have been right there, in the headlines, and readers would have gotten it before they had a chance to decide.

Facebook is like the headlines. If you write something there, it's too immediate and nobody gets to decide if they don't want to know about intimate details of your personal life. I've blocked a few people who keep doing that because it seems like the wrong venue for those kinds of things. It's too intimate and too painful to read in a place that's so public and it's the kind of information (revelations) that could be hurtful. Maybe I'm thinking like the 60s and anything is fair game for most people. It's just my opinion but I guess I get to make the rules for what I read.

Facebook can be like those reality shows that start out to be interesting but then become like voyeurism.

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Jill said...

We should talk about this sometime. I am not a Facebook fan. That doesn't mean I don't read what YOU write, or read some other folks' stuff. I only signed on so I could get to pictures on Hannah's daycare site. I've loved hearing from former students who find me somehow, but it is way too public a venue for me, as you may notice from the lack of substance of what I've written. I do have to say that I love finding out about what people I know but rarely come in contact with are doing. Maybe I'm too lazy or too simple-minded to really get what Facebook is all about. I appreciate what you have written here, Teresa, and your comparison of Facebook to headlines. But what in the heck is Twitter then???!